Admin Application


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Admin Application


Mon Nov 25, 2019 4:17 pm

-Your nick on the server: Lon1
-How old are you: 19
-Where are you from: /
-Steam (yes/no): no
-Experience with amx: 10/10
-How much time can you spend on the server: 6~12 Hours per day
-In what time do you usually spend time on the server: Can't say
-Steam ID (Type status in console and find your nick, beside the nick there is your STEAM ID): STEAM_0:0:1191576694
-On which servers have you been/was admin: To many to count, had own community.
-Contact (skype, link from your fb profile): Discord app-> Lon1#1909
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Mon Nov 25, 2019 6:05 pm

Send me your nick and password. I will give you a test admin... :)
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